Max Payne 2 Sam Lake face-2

Max Payne 2 Mod brings back Sam Lake’s face & adds a first-person mode

Max Payne fans, here is something special for you. Modder ‘hevitonttu22’ has released a new version of his Max Payne 2 Mod that brings back to the game the face of Sam Lake, and introduces an experimental first-person mode.

In case you didn’t know, Remedy’s Sam Lake lent his face to Max in the first Max Payne game. Then, in Max Payne 2 Timmothy Gibs portrayed Max. And finally, in Max Payne 3, Max was modeled after his voice actor, James McCaffrey.

Now what’s cool here is that by using this other mod for Max Payne 3, PC gamers can play the entire Max Payne trilogy as the original Max. This is a dream come true for most die-hard MP fans, and we are certain that they will greatly appreciate it. So, if you are one of them, you should immediately download the mod from here.

Anyway, the latest version of Max Payne 2: Old School Remix also comes with some other tweaks and improvements. For instance, the modder has reworked the level loading screens and the in-game environmental effects. The game will also now end if Max kills any innocent people. So yeah, make sure to check your fire. Furthermore, the MP5 is now actually suppressed, M79 has a safety range, and Jackhammer has a higher rate of fire.

Before closing, I should also note that Sam Lake will appear in Alan Wake 2. Sam will portray an FBI agent, Alex Casey. And, from the looks of it, the faces of this mod and Alex Casey look quite similar. So, kudos to the modder for getting this close to Remedy’s work.

Lastly, here are some screenshots that showcase the iconic “Sam Lake” face in Max Payne 2. And yes, it looks retro-amazing. Ah, the beauty of the original Max Payne.

Have fun!

Max Payne 2 Sam Lake face-1Max Payne 2 Sam Lake face-2Max Payne 2 Sam Lake face-3 Max Payne 2 Sam Lake face-4Max Payne 2 first-person mode