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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD Fan Remaster available for download

In 2020, we informed you about an HD Texture Pack for the classic Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game. Created by RainaAudron, this pack used AI techniques in order to enhance the original textures of the Dreamcast version. And earlier this Summer, the modder released a brand new version of it.

Here are the main reasons why the modder decided to enhance the Dreamcast version.

“Dreamcast version has higher polygon versions of Raziel Kain and enemies but its textures are more pixelated than PC or even Playstation in some cases. In addition to that, the new Raziel’s and Kain’s faces were not something I was a fan of either. However, it offered 60fps and a dynamic soundtrack, something which the former is missing on Playstation and latter on PC.”

For Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD Remaster, RainaAudron replaced almost every single texture with a brand new equivalent with many being actually the source textures.

You can download this fan remaster from here. The pack contains the FlyCast emulator, the HD Texture Pack, and a high-res manual. Needless to say that you will also need a digital Dreamcast version of Soul Reaver (which is not included in the pack).

Have fun!

Soul Reaver HD Remaster - Story Trailer