Halo Doom Evolved Mod

Halo Doom: Evolved is an amazing retro Halo mod for Doom, available for download

Halo and Doom fans, here is something truly special for you. Back in February, modder Lewisk3 released an amazing retro Halo Mod for GZDoom. And, alongside Halo Doom: Evolved, you can use some additional mods that can turn Doom into Halo.

Halo Doom: Evolved adds 14 weapons and 4 vehicles from Halo. Naturally, you can find some iconic weapons and vehicles like Type-33 Needler, MA40 Assault Rifle, Warthog and Ghost. Master Chief can also use his grabble hook which is another cool feature that most Halo Infinite fans will appreciate.

The aforementioned mod does not feature any Halo enemies. Thankfully, though, you can download the Halo Covenant Enemies Mod. As its title suggests, it brings numerous enemies from Halo to GZDoom.

You can also download Doomed Space Wars which is a Star Wars-inspired mapset. Doomed Space Wars features 9 levels, divided into 3×3 level mini-episodes. Moreover, it features 3 secret levels.

The combination of these three mods can provide an amazing Halo experience. Below you can also find a video that showcases these mods in action.

Have fun and kudos to our reader ‘durka durka’ for bringing this to our attention!