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Half-Life 2: VR’s Public Beta launches this September

The SourceVR Mod Team has announced that the public beta phase for Half-Life 2: VR will begin this September. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has released a new trailer that you can find below.

Half-Life 2: VR is a mod that will allow you to play this classic Half-Life game in VR. The mod will allow you to do things that were almost impossible in the non-VR version. For instance, you can spin the blocks in the playground just by hitting them or play tetherball with a corpse in Ravenholm. You will also be able to physically dodge for cover, and manually reload your guns.

For those wondering, Half-Life 2: VR is targeting SteamVR, so any headset supported by SteamVR should be good to go. So far, the mod has been successfully tested on Index, Quest, Vive and Pimax headsets.

In April 2022 we shared a video, featuring 12 minutes of gameplay footage from it. So be sure to also check it out.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Half-Life 2: VR — Official Trailer