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Grand Theft Auto Vanilla Vice Mod Version 1.1 available for download

Modder ‘yazlow’ has released a new version of the Grand Theft Auto Vanilla Vice Mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. In case you weren’t aware of, this mod packs numerous fixes and new features, though it tries to stay as close to the vanilla experience as possible.

For example, Grand Theft Auto Vanilla Vice adds mip-maps for all game textures. Moreover, it adds the ability to use the mouse to control the camera on vehicles. Furthermore, it introduces an autosave after completing each mission.

Additionally, this mod adds the ability to switch between radio stations with the mouse wheel in both directions. It also adds the ability to reload the weapon by pressing the R key. Not only that, but players can now walk by holding down the ALT key while running.

In short, this project brings numerous QoL improvements to the original version of Vice City. As such, some Vice City may find it interesting.

You can download Grand Theft Auto Vanilla Vice Mod Version 1.1 from here. Below you can also find a video for it.

Have fun!

GTA: Vanilla Vice v1.0 - Gameplay (GTA: Vice City)