Attack On Titan feature

Experience Attack on Titan in VR thanks to this mod for Blade & Sorcery

Modder ‘Fraz’ has released a cool mod for Blade & Sorcery that lets you experience Attack on Titan in VR. This mod includes tons of mindless titans, as well as the Armored Titan, Female Titan and Eren’s Attack Titan.

As with the anime/manga, players can kill the titans by slashing their neck/nape area. Moreover, this mod features a wide range of waves to choose from.

You can download this mod from here. The modder also suggests using the Attack On Titan Map Pack, as well as the ODM Gear if you do not have it already.

Now keep in mind that this is a mod from one user. Therefore, you should temper your expectations as this isn’t a polished triple-A game.

Below you can find a video showcasing the mod in action. It looks cool, though the animations for the Titan shifters are not that great. The game also has average graphics. Still, this is a VR experience and I’m certain that a lot of AoT fans will enjoy it.

Have fun!

A.O.T. Titans Mod Trailer