Brutal Hell Royale for Doom-3

Doom Brutal Hell Royale Version 1.0 available for download

Modder ‘TRUDADDY’ has released Version 1.0 of the battle royale mod for the classic Doom games, Brutal Hell Royale. This mod allows up to 32 players to battle for their lives across over 12 maps.

Version 1.0 adds a massive 2 city block map called BHR14: Survival Instincts. This new map can be played on DM mode, and has vehicles, as well as a 23 hour day/night cycle.

Additionally, this new version changes levels to now include PVPVE. Maps will now have monsters spawned at certain points. Moreover, some levels now have environmental traps as well.

It’s also worth noting that Version 1.0 changes some item locations in many maps, and brings more texture alignments on all of them.

You can download Doom Brutal Hell Royale Version 1.0 from here.

Have fun!