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Doom and Jedi Knight Mods released for Blade & Sorcery

DukeGoliath and Redline90 have released two cool mods/map packs for Blade & Sorcery, bringing maps from Doom and Star Wars: Jedi Knight.

Regarding the Doom Map Pack, DukeGoliath had this to say:

“A massive “comet” has hit the other side of the planet. Cities around the world continue to get leveled by the comet’s fragments and to make matters worse it appears¬†demons have been spawning from them killing billions of people including your pet rabbit Daisy. Fortunately, a¬† few still have the ability to reverse time and go back to the way things were before these unfortunate events.”

On the other hand, the Jedi Knight Map Pack aims to add all the original multiplayer maps to the game. The smallest maps are the Duel maps (up to 6 spawn points). Then, we have the Free-For-All maps (up to 10 spawn points). And finally, we have the CTF maps (up to 12 spawn points).

You can download the Doom Map Pack from here, and the Jedi Knight Map Pack from here. There is also a version for the Jedi Knight Mod for Blade & Sorcery Update 7.

Have fun!

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