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Doom 3 gets an overhaul mod that bridges the gap between classic Doom, Doom 3 and modern Doom

Death_Chopper has released an overhaul mod for Doom 3 that attempts to bridge the gap between classic Doom, Doom 3 and modern Doom.

Going into mode tails, Doom 3: Retaliation tweaks the game’s gallery of enemies, weapons, and missions. Furthermore, the mod adds some new adversaries and weapons to spice things up. The mod also features many graphical changes, such as small changes to the particle effects, or overhauled lighting for some missions. And while the mod focuses on action and movement, it retains Doom 3’s atmosphere.

Doom 3: Retaliation changes the experience by completely overhauling enemy behavior and giving every single weapon some kind of utility. The modder has also overhauled combat encounters in the missions, to give seasoned players a new challenge.

It’s also worth noting that the modder has changed nearly every single enemy in every mission. As such, some maps will feel like a gauntlet. The maps have also all gotten tweaked encounters, and have been balanced for the pacing, to make for a steady increase in difficulty.

You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

DOOM 3: Retaliation - Survival Horror Action, Recharged!