Black Mesa Military feature

Black Mesa: Military lets you experience the events of Half-Life from the perspective of a Hazardous Environments Combat Unit Marine

The Black Mesa: Military Development Group just dropped a new mod for Black Mesa called Black Mesa: Military. In this mod, you get to play as Steven Mills, a marine from the Hazardous Environments Combat Unit, and experience the events of Half-Life from his point of view.

In this game, you and your squad have to secure the Black Mesa Research Facility and eliminate any hostile forces. You’ll see the whole disaster from the villains’ side and even come face-to-face with Gordon Freeman himself.

In a way, this project is similar to Half-Life: Opposing Force. Opposing Force portrayed the events of Half-Life from the perspective of a U.S. Marine, one of the enemy characters in the original game. Of course, you don’t control the same marine. Still, both the mod and Opposing Force share the same concept.

The latest 2024 version of the mod includes all the chapters you could play before, but the modders have made them even better. They remastered and made them bigger. Plus, there are now fully captioned scenes. And guess what? There’s a brand-new soundtrack, a new voice actor, and new choreographed sequences for the Marines.

From what we know, Valve does not plan to make a new Half-Life game. As such, these mods are a must if you want to revisit to the Black Mesa facility. It’s a bummer because Half-Life: Alyx got everyone excited about the series again. But hey, it is what it is.

What’s also a shame is the fact that both Project Borealis and Boreal Alyph have been canceled. These were the most anticipated HL2 mods that would continue its story. Both of them would have been based on Marc Laidlaw’s Epistle 3.

Two years ago, the team of Boreal Alyph announced the mod’s cancelation. As for Project Borealis, it’s been missing in action these past four years. So yeah, don’t expect much from it.

Those interested can go ahead and download Black Mesa: Military 2024 from this link. Below you can also find a video from it. This video showcases the Gargantua Fight which has been overhauled for version 2024. So, make sure to watch it.

Have fun!

Black Mesa: Military Gargantua Fight Overhauled

Kudos to ‘durka-durka’ for bringing this to our attention.