Unravel – First Impressions + 9 Minutes Of PC Gameplay Footage

Unravel is a really remarkable physics-based puzzle platformer. Developed by Coldwood Interactive, Unravel is a beauty to behold, sporting absolutely lovely visuals. Below you can read our first impressions of it, accompanied by a video showing 9 minutes of gameplay footage.

In Unravel, players take the role of Yarny. Yarny goes on an adventure riddled with challenges, attempting to make it to the end without unraveling.

The game is focused on physics-based puzzles. Players will have to use Yarny’s abilities in order to solve puzzles and progress the story. And like most physics-based games, these puzzles do make sense.

For what is worth, we really enjoyed Unravel. Alongside its stunning visuals, the game features a really relaxing soundtrack.

The only downside here is that its puzzles are not that hard, and that it’s a somewhat short game. Moreover, we had some issues with K-Lite’s codecs. The game was crashing to desktop and we had to completely uninstall it in order to make it work.

Unravel is currently priced at 19.99€ on Origin, and we strongly suggest getting it if you are fans of platform titles!

DSOGaming - Unravel - 9 Minutes Of PC Gameplay Footage