Out There: Omega Edition – First Impressions + 10 Minutes Playthrough

Out There: Omega Edition is an upcoming Indie title by French based Mi-Clos Studio. Out There was originally released on iOS and Android on October 23, 2014. Out There: Omega Edition is a dark interstellar rouge-like with a strong focus on resource management.

“This won’t be a straight port from the mobile version though! As ruthless as the original, Out There : Omega Edition will offer updated graphics and additional contents. Players will encounter new alien races, new ships, and a brand new ending. More than 50 new text adventures, written by FibreTigre, will darken your space odyssey.”


Slow to start, Out There: Omega Edition captivates the player with amazing visuals and a stunningly haunting soundtrack. Although there is little variety between one solar system to the next Out There: Omega Edition keeps the player going with a captivating story, random events, and alien encounters.

My first impressions of the game are just that. Although out there received many awards on mobile for being a stunning mobile title, it falls a bit short in comparison to the average PC title. Although the game has an interesting story the game retains little replay value as after a few playthroughs the worlds and systems you can visit do become quite generic.


That being said Out There: Omega Edition is still an enchanting title of interstellar exploration and decision making.