DSOGaming – Ashes of The Singularity Impressions

Not long ago I got an email from marketing for Ashes of The Singularity asking if I would like to review the game. Ashes of The Singularity is the first game to support DirectX 12, well the first game that has a playable version of the game out right now, so naturally I was intrigued and obliged. With Ashes of The Singularity being just in Early Access I figured it wasn’t exactly fair to do a full blown review as the game isn’t finished. That doesn’t mean I’m not critical, in fact I can be a little harsh.

Upon first boot, Ashes of The Singularity a large warning appears informing the player that AoTS is currently in its pre-Beta state and that it is unfinished. This game is about as finished as the 2nd Death Star, functional for sure, but it isn’t pretty. AoTS has many glaring issues that must be resolved before the game can become any sort of enjoyable.

  1. AI Path-finding is absolutely terrible. You will click on the other side of a mountain and instead of just flying around the mountain your units will just keep flying in to the mountain until you tell them otherwise to just fly around it.
  2. Target prioritizing is just broken. If an order is given for a group of units to attack a group of enemy units I fully expect them to keep shooting until every enemy unit is destroyed, not 1/2 shoot at the target, 1/4 try to capture a structure and 1/4 sit there doing nothing.
  3. This one sort of goes along with path-finding, when issuing an order for a group on units to move over a long distance they will go about a quarter of the distance and then just stop and wait for their next order.

This list is merely the things that must be fixed before the game can be considered truly playable and is by no means a complete list of issues in the game because they are many. This also only accounts for the game-play issues, which while is the most important aspect is not the only aspect that makes or breaks a game in many cases. AoTS also looks pretty bad visually.

This game is not complete enough that would justify it being for sale and yet it, and even at the current holiday discounted price of 37.49 what on earth were the developers thinking releasing this game at this state?

AoTS does show a lot of promise considering it is being updated frequently. According to the reviews on Steam my opinion definitely seems like an unpopular one. I just can’t support purchasing a game that is THIS broken unless you just want to throw money at things you can’t use right now, then you may be able to consider it a high risk investment.

For the sake of our readers here I’m going to keep this “review” objective and keep an eye on AoTS and update everyone here as things improve. If you would like to listen to my more……opinionated view I have linked my video review/rant below.