Total War: Three Kingdoms – Ambush of Sun Ren Let’s Play

SEGA has released a new Let’s Play video for Total War: Three Kingdoms, showcasing a spectacular night-time ambush battle. In addition, the publisher announced that the game will be playable at this year’s Gamescom event.

Available for all to play at Gamescom 2018, The Ambush of Sun Ren sees the player commanding the heroic children of Sun Jian and their army, withstanding waves of incoming heroes and warriors in a desperate bid for survival. Spectacular visuals and lighting bring this misty, moon-washed valley to life, as floating lanterns paint the scene and trees burst into flames, casting dynamic shadows as thousands of troops clash.

This battle also treats players to their first look at Total War: Three Kingdoms’ campaign map. Authentic, atmospheric and striking in its detail, it’s the most beautiful Total War campaign map yet.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is currently planned for a Spring 2019 release!

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Ambush of Sun Ren Let's Play