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Bio: Matt Followell is another contributing author here at DSOGaming. A long time fan of PC Gaming and a huge supporter of the open source and homebrew movement. You’ll see him interacting with the community from time to time going by the user-name of Radapples. Contact: Email

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DSOGaming – UnderRail Review

Posted on: 28 Jan 2016

UnderRail is an isometric CRPG that throws us back to an era where RPGs had no spoken dialog and had very lengthy descriptions of the environment and the people and/or things that inhabit it. UnderRail may not have the graphics that one would expect from a games released at the same time, but this clearly … Continue reading DSOGaming – UnderRail Review

The Underrated Upgrades – Seating

Posted on: 13 Jan 2016

When most of us think about upgrading our computers we mostly think of the the hardware upgrades to our PCs like our CPU, GPU, RAM and Hard Drives. There are however some other upgrades that are just as important that should be considered.

Ian Murdock – Creator of Debian & CTO of the Linux Foundation – Has Died

Posted on: 31 Dec 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Ian Murdock passed away on Monday night. Not only is this a tragic loss for his family and friends, but a great loss for Linux and the entire Open Source community. I offer my condolences to his loved ones.

DSOGaming – Ashes of The Singularity Impressions

Posted on: 25 Dec 2015

Not long ago I got an email from marketing for Ashes of The Singularity asking if I would like to review the game. Ashes of The Singularity is the first game to support DirectX 12, well the first game that has a playable version of the game out right now, so naturally I was intrigued … Continue reading DSOGaming – Ashes of The Singularity Impressions

DSOGaming – Ashes of the Singularity – DirectX 12 Real World Tests

Posted on: 10 Dec 2015

Up until recently the performance gains to be found in DirectX 12 were merely guesses, there were a few benchmarks that used DX12 but nothing that gave an indicator to how it affects game performance. Now that Ashes of the Singularity is available in Early Access (Review Coming Soon) we can actually measure how DirectX … Continue reading DSOGaming – Ashes of the Singularity – DirectX 12 Real World Tests

DSOGaming – Fallout 4 Review

Posted on: 28 Nov 2015

Now before we begin I feel like I should say that I have been a fan of Bethesda games for a long time, but I would be doing a major disservice to our readers if I wasn’t completely objective about this review. Be prepared for some pretty brutal honesty.

DSOGaming – Steam Controller & Steam Link Review

Posted on: 12 Nov 2015

Although regrettably we were not able to get our hards on an actual Steam Machine we did happen to get our very own Steam Controller and Steam Link.

Star Wars: First Assault – Tech Beta Footage

Posted on: 05 Nov 2015

This is what appears to be in game footage for the previously (and currently) canned Star Wars: Assault. Now this looks like it was likely an internal beta to show off the game as a proof of concept. The video’s description however states that it ran over Xbox Live but could not spawn enemies or … Continue reading Star Wars: First Assault – Tech Beta Footage

*SPOILER* Fallout 4 – All Perks

Posted on: 03 Nov 2015

With Fallout’s release approaching we are starting to see a multitude of game leaks, from screenshots, to videos, and now a list of perks that Reddit user /u/dancepotatodance has transcribed from a recent video in a perfectly palatable text format. The list is contained below:

DSOGaming – Sword Coast Legends Review

Posted on: 28 Oct 2015

Strap in everyone, this is a long one. Sword Coast Legend is a Action-RPG developed by n-space in collaboration with Digital Extremes set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Although this is no Baldurs gate or even a Neverwinter Nights. Sword Coast Legends has some pretty big shoes to fill in the eyes of fans … Continue reading DSOGaming – Sword Coast Legends Review