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The Underrated Upgrades – Seating

When most of us think about upgrading our computers we mostly think of the the hardware upgrades to our PCs like our CPU, GPU, RAM and Hard Drives. There are however some other upgrades that are just as important that should be considered.

One of the most commonly looked over aspects of many PC gamers’ setups is the chair that they sit in. Sure you may be able to maintain 144 FPS at 1440p, but if your body hurts from your uncomfortable chair then you can’t really enjoy it can you? I have compiled a list of different chairs at different prices ranges that I personally have experience with. Keep in mind that I am 1.8m tall (5ft 11in) and weigh 73kg (161lbs).

~$50 – It is hard to find good chairs at this price range, but here are a few.:

Best Office Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic chair – $43
– This was one of the first few chairs I bought on my own once I moved out and although it isn’t the best quality it is fairly comfortable. Pretty good for $43

~$100 – This is typically the price range where you will find most office chairs worth sitting it. They aren’t the most well made chairs but they are usually comfortable and will last you 1 – 3 years.

Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair – $110
– I often spent ~6 hours a day for 6 months sitting in one of these chairs at one of my old jobs. After some time the pleather began to crack but not peel, although I would imagine that it would after about a year of use. The cushions however remained comfortable to sit on.

Serta Executive Office Chair – $124
– This chair I personally owned and sat in for the duration of about a year and it was incredibly comfortable but lacks an adjustable back which would have been preferable but at this price range I wouldn’t expect too many adjustment options. I eventually handed this one down to my younger brother to which he is using to this day and it still holds up fairly well.

$300+ – You are going to find the most comfort in this price range but I would only recommend chairs in this range if you plan to sit more than 4 hours a day or just have money to spend.

DXRacer Fe08/NO – $350
– This brand in particular has taken off in the past 2 years and likely from its popularity amongst pro gamers a Twitch Streamers. My girlfriend actually owns one of these and boy is it comfortable. This chair also offers a wide range of adjustment options for both the armrests and the chair itself. As a graphic designer she often spends 6 – 9 hours a day in it and remains comfortable.

Maxnomic Dominator – $368
– Now this chair I am not able to sit in on a regular basis, but I have a close friend who owns one so I have been able to do some significant test driving of one and I would have to say the experience is similar to the DXRacer Fe08/NO but with a thicker pad at the base. Although beware I have heard that the manufacturer has had some quality control issues.

Herman Miller Aeron – $650 or more with add-ons
– This has to be the most comfortable chair I have ever had the pleasure to sit in aside from the Embody also by Herman Miller. This chair is my daily driver and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It provides comfort in all the right places and aside from feeling a little stiff for sitting down for long periods of time I have never felt any discomfort while using it. The price is well worth it if you work from

Herman Miller Embody – $1300
Even though I work a lot on my computer at home I can in no way justify this chair at the price that it is, but I have had the please of using one extensively because one was provided to me at my old job to which I sat in for over a year. This chair offers an unbelieveable level of quality and comfort that no chair has been able to top in my book, but at $1300 USD I will definitely pass on this one.

With all the being said, where you sit isn’t the only upgrade that needs to be consider that isn’t. Next week I will be suggesting audio upgrades for different types of listening experiences. Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below. Also note that I did not provide links because I don’t want to give the impression that we endorse any brands or retailers here at DSOG.