Indie sci-fi games, Reset and Routine, are missing in action

There have been two indie sci-fi games that amazed me the moment they were revealed and these are: Reset and Routine. Unfortunately, though, these two titles are missing in action and we may never see them.

Let’s start with Reset. Developed by Theory Interactive, Reset  is a first person puzzle/walking simulator game that was meant to come out in 2016. The game was delayed to 2017 and we haven’t heard anything from the developers other than that the project is still being developed. The latest developer update was posted on its official website in February 2018 in which the team admitted that it has yet again failed to meet its deadline and that they are working on it. However, it’s been more than six months and we haven’t heard anything at all from them.

As for Routine, the latest developer update was back in March in which the developers announced a small delay. Aaron Foster claimed that the next update would give us  a clear release date with a game that the team is proud of. Well, it’s been more than a year and Routine is missing in action and the developers are nowhere to be found.

It pains me to say this, but it appears that both of these games have been quietly cancelled. Yeah, these are indie games we’re talking about – meaning that development is slow – however both of these developers claimed that they were very close to releasing their games and here we are today with no update whatsoever. And while Reset may finally see the light of day, Routine is most likely dead (or may get released in a really unfinished/unpolished state).

So yeah, don’t expect these two sci-fi games anytime soon!

RESET 13min gameplay

■■ ARCHIVE ■■ Routine - Release Date Trailer