Halo 2 Original vs Anniversary Remaster 4K Comparison Screenshots

Microsoft and 343 Industries have just released Halo 2 Anniversary Remaster on the PC. Halo 2 Anniversary features new 3D models, a new lighting system, new textures/assets and more. As such, we’ve decided to share some 4K comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the remaster versions.

Halo 2 Anniversary looks amazing. Contrary to the first Halo Remaster, this one is better in every way from its original version. The new lighting system, in particular, significantly improves the game’s visuals. Not only that, but 343 Industries has implemented new CG cut-scenes that look fantastic.

In order to capture these screenshots, we used an Intel i9 9900K with 16GB of DDR4 at 3600Mhz. Naturally, we’ve paired this machine with an NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti. We also used Windows 10 64-bit and the latest version of the GeForce drivers.

As you can clearly see, our RTX2080Ti had no trouble at all running the game. Halo 2 Anniversary Remaster is capped at 60fps, and our RTX2080Ti was used at only 60% in 4K/Max settings. This basically means that the game can run silky smooth on a wide range of PC configurations.

We also did not experience any mouse smoothing or acceleration issues. Additionally, 343 Industries has fixed some audio issues that plagued the game’s beta build. Naturally, the game also displays proper K&M on-screen indicators. Owners of G-Sync monitors should also used unlocked framerates as the game can look a bit “choppy” at 60fps. However, we don’t know whether the game suffers from the same framerate issues that plagued Halo Anniversary.

Enjoy the following comparison screenshots. Halo 2 Anniversary Remaster is on the left, whereas Halo 2 Vanilla is on the right!