Unreal Engine 4 – Supported platforms confirmed, tech demo ran on a single Nvidia GPU [Update: 1080p Tech Demo]

And the time has come everyone. Epic Games showcased their highly anticipated Unreal Engine 4 on SpikeTV and we have some brand new information from that show. According to Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 will be packed with the same features and tools for all devices from low end to high end. Moreover, the company stated that every platform from the Iphone to high end PCs will be supported by Epic’s next generation engine.
The big question now is whether or not WiiU will be supported – despite some earlier statements of not supporting it. We do know that WiiU is more powerful than an Iphone, so obviously Nintendo’s platform should capable of handling this engine. If we were to guess, we’d say that it will be supported. In fact, Unreal Engine 4 (as Mike Capps said) will handle all Epic’s future games, from mobile to consoles and PC. And this could very well mean that both PS3 and X360 may get an Unreal Engine 4 title.
As for the tech demo itself, although it looked good, it didn’t look as mind-blowing as Square Enix’s tech demo. It’s pretty clear that the Luminous tech demo was better in pretty every area.
On the other hand, Tim Sweeney confirmed that the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo was running on a single high-end Nvidia GPU. It was really impressive to see a single GTX680 running this tech demo, although there were noticeable slowdowns in some areas (slowdowns could be from Spike’s streaming after all). And we can’t even imagine what a GTX690 is truly capable of.
As Sweeney said:
“That was running on a personal computer with just a single graphics card.”
Last but not least, Epic Games’ Mark Rein revealed that they already got a couple next-gen games planned. Could this mean that Unreal Engine 4 will power the upcoming PC exclusive title from Epic? One can only guess.
We’ll update our story with the tech demo as soon as it get’s available, so stay tuned for more!
Epic Games has officially released Unreal Engine 4’s Tech Demo. Enjoy!

  • John64
  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

    Luminous better?
    people are missing the point here.

    UE4 is all in-game cutscene!
    watch the developer walkthrough and see the details are close to the trailer.
    plus the major interesting thing is that it’ running on single core, how many cores is the Luminous running on?

  • videopoison100

    didn’t Epic say not long ago not even next gen cud run this engine because its so advanced  now their saying even ps3 and xbox can run it

    • BeastlyRig

      i am sure ps3 can run it like every engine that has a low medium settings.

      What do you think they mean when they said “run it”? low settings?

  • Madvirus5000

    Well the unreal engine 3 is already gonna be on the WiiU with mass effect 3 coming to the nintendo console so I would expect to see 4, but unreal engine 4 won’t launch until 2014

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curtis-Isabell/1036013363 Curtis Bear

    If it can run on the wii- u then nextbox ps4 will have no trouble.

  • Truth

    They didn’t confirm anything besides PC. This is crap article.