Off-camera footage proves that the Agnis Philosophy Tech Demo was in real-time

After Square Enix’s reveal of the groundbreaking Agnis Philosophy tech demo, a lot of people began wondering whether that was truly real-time footage or not. Let’s not forget that when the video starts, we’re welcomed with a message which read that this is just a video from a real-time tech demo. Could Square Enix speed things up – from a choppy real-time tech demo – in order to amaze everyone or was this some CG, entitled as real-time footage in order to impress us?
Neither of them. In fact, the following¬†off-camera video – which by the way proves that the Agnis Philosophy demo was from 100% real-time footage – will leave you speechless. The footage is from Square Enix’s demonstration, in which the company paused lots of times the demo and adjusted some settings on the fly. What’s even more shocking is that there¬†wasn’t any slowdown at all, even when the developers were moving the camera around.
It’s really difficult to realize how amazing PC graphics can actually get and although we don’t know the specs of the PC that was used for this demonstration, we can safely say that this is – by far – the best tech demo of E3 2012. Hell, it’s the best tech demo we’ve ever seen. Forget CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 4. Luminous engine provides real-time CG quality graphics, right now.
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