Watch Dogs VS Grand Theft Auto IV – PC Video Comparison – Attention To Detail Comparison

GTA IV is still considered one of the best looking open-world games on the PC (thanks to all the graphical mods that have been released these past years). Therefore, it’s only natural to expect a comparison between Rockstar’s old title and Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. YouTube’s member ‘Eduard Mackarchew’ has created a video comparison between them. As we can see, GTA IV sports some effects that are not available on Watch_Dogs, such as shadows being casted by the headlights of your car. And while the visuals in Watch_Dogs are better (I mean, we’re comparing a game that was released almost 6 years ago with one that is coming out tomorrow), the attention to detail in GTA IV’s world is way beyond what Ubisoft has achieved. Also, while there are individual waves in GTA IV, I personally prefer the water effects in Watch_Dogs. Enjoy the video!

Watch Dogs VS GTA IV или халтура Ubisoft

Watch_Dogs VS GTA IV или куда смотрели бета тестеры.