GTA San Andreas Ah Shit Here We Go Again

This is what Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition should have looked like

A lot of gamers were disappointed with the Definitive Edition of the first three 3D GTA games. Instead of getting proper remakes of these classic games, Rockstar ported (with some visual improvements) their mobile versions to current-gen platforms. And, needless to say, that these remasters were full of bugs and glitches.

YouTube’s ’12th Hour’ is also a fan of the classic GTA games and decided to give us a glimpse at what the Definitive Edition should have looked like. The artist has created a new 3D model for CJ and recreated Grove Street in Unreal Engine 5. And, as you will see, the end result is amazing.

What’s really cool here is that 12th Hour has showcased the entire development procedure of this fan concept. And yes, the artist has also remade the iconic “Ah shit, here we go again” scene from GTA: San Andreas.

It’s really a shame that the Definitive Edition is nowhere close to what we see here. And seriously now. This whole scene was created by one artist. Imagine what a whole team could have achieved in Unreal Engine 5. Man, what a missed opportunity.


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