GTA 6 fan-made UE5-2

This GTA 6 fan-made trailer in Unreal Engine 5 looks dope

YouTube’s ’12th Hour’ has shared a video, in which he created a fan-made trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 in Unreal Engine 5. And, for a one-man project, this trailer looks actually dope.

Now what’s really cool here is that 12th Hour has used numerous custom assets. From what we can see, the artist has also used UE5’s MetaHuman, as well as Lumen.

The most interesting parts of this trailer are the vehicle segments. In these scenes, the trailer looks absolutely stunning. However, I’m not that happy with the main characters. While they are detailed, there is something wrong with their shading, making them feel like dolls and not like actual humans.

Again, for a one-man project, this is really cool. And no, don’t expect to be playing this project as the artist does not plan to release it to the public.

Speaking of GTA 6, rumor has it that Rockstar may officially reveal it this October. Since this is a rumor, though, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt.


Grand Theft Auto 6: Trailer (FANMADE)