The Mummy: Demastered is a beautiful 16-bit-inspired action platformer, gets teaser trailer

WayForward has released a teaser trailer for The Mummy: Demastered. The Mummy: Demastered is a 16-bit-inspired 2D nonlinear, action-packed platformer in which players take the role of an elite agent in the monster-hunting Prodigium organization. Players will have to use a variety of weapons, upgrades, and mysterious artifacts to defend mankind against the supernatural hordes of Princess Ahmanet.

Players will explore dark forests, maze-like military compounds and the sandstorm-filled streets of London in this retro-inspired adventure.

The game will be released soon, and here are its key features.

  • Stunning retro-inspired graphics and atmospheric chiptune soundtrack
  • Shoot-’em-up action meets exploration-based adventuring
  • Fight for survival against swarms of horrifying enemies and bosses
  • Obliterate monsters with an arsenal of weapons including grenades, a flamethrower and more
  • Uncover and collect 50 hidden relics


The Mummy Demastered Teaser Trailer