Instruments of Destruction feature

Teaser trailer released for a physics-based game by Red Faction Guerrilla lead tech designer

Radiangames has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming game, Instruments of Destruction. Instruments of Destruction is a vehicle-building sandbox featuring advanced physics-based destruction. Furthermore, the lead tech designer of Red Faction Guerrilla is also working on this game.

In this game, players can create crazy construction vehicles and use them to demolish buildings and complete various objectives.

Instruments of Destruction features an advanced physics-based destruction system. Thus, players can demolish every structure in the game piece by piece. In addition, every object you see in the game world–save for small decorative plants and rocks–is part of the physics system. Each element of the world interacts with each other and together they create a physical, visceral world to play with.

Instruments of Destruction will be coming to Steam Early Access in Q4 2021.


Instruments of Destruction - Teaser Trailer