Syberia 3 gets an official story trailer

Microids released today a second official trailer for Syberia 3, named “story”, unveiling a little further the story and nature behind Kate Walker’s relationship with the Youkol tribe.Kate and the Youkol tribe leave for a journey in the heart of Siberia to join the snow ostriches to their sacred lands and breeding site.

As the press release reads, this will be an adventure punctuated by surprises, epic moments and encounters with strange characters, during which players become acquainted with Kate’s fellow travellers, such as Ayawaska – the shaman of the Youkol tribe, always tag teaming with her owl – Kurk – The spiritual guide of the Youkol – or Captain Obo – proud captain of the Krystal.

Syberia 3 will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, will be released on April 25th, and its music is created by Inon Zur.


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