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Super Mario Odyssey sees tremendous improvements in the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu

YouTube’s ‘BSoD Gaming’ has shared a new video, showing Super Mario Odyssey running in the latest version of the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu. The team behind this emulator has been progressing at a steady pace and we are happy to report that this Nintendo Switch exclusive title is almost playable.

The Yuzu team was able to fix a lot of artifacts and has improved overall performance. Of course there are still graphical glitches that have not been resolved yet but it’s pretty incredible witnessing this emulator running this new Super Mario game.

In some scenes, BSoD Gaming has provided some before/after videos between the older and the latest versions of Yuzu and as you will immediately notice, the biggest improvement is the improved rendering. The black artifacts that plagued Super Mario Odyssey have been fixed, though the team has a lot of work to do in order to improve performance and address all the other remaining graphical bugs.

Still, we are talking about an emulator that has been under development for less than a year, for a system that has been recently released. And from the looks of it, the team is currently focused on improving emulation in this particular title. The reason I’m saying this is because Zelda: Breath of the Wild can only go in-game, has a lot of graphical artifacts and major performance issues. Now Zelda: BOTW could be more advanced than Super Mario Odyssey, however this game works like a charm on the Nintendo WiiU emulator, CEMU, therefore we were expecting it to run better than Super Mario Odyssey.


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