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Story trailer released for KOEI Tecmo’s upcoming JRPG, FAIRY TAIL

KOEI Tecmo has released a Story Trailer for its upcoming JRPG, FAIRY TAIL. Moreover, the team announced a new character addition to the game, boosting the roster to 16 playable characters with the inclusion of Gildarts.

Gildarts is an S-Class Mage who uses “Crush” magic to reduce anything he touches to rubble. Gildarts can use his overwhelming strength to help swing the odds in the guild’s favor. Throughout the adventure, fans can put together their own dream team of FAIRY TAIL members and their rivals. The more characters continue to fight together in the same party, their bonds will gradually strengthen, and as their friendship level increases, special conversations called “Bond Dialogue” will play out, including original dialogue written specifically for the FAIRY TAIL game.

In addition, the first details of the game’s new Eclipse arc have also been revealed. This popular storyline revolves around Project Eclipse; an experiment that opens up a gate to the past, unleashing Dragons that lived over 400 years ago.

Lastly, FAIRY TAIL will release on the PC via Steam on June 25th.


Fairy Tail - Story Trailer