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Skyblivion, Oblivion mod for Skyrim, gets a new teaser trailer

The team behind Skyblivion, a total conversion mod that brings the world of Oblivion to Skyrim, has released a new teaser trailer for it. Although there isn’t any release date yet, the team stated that it has started focusing its efforts on quests, scripting, 3D/re-modeling new assets, making an Oblivion inspired user interface and overall improving the aesthetics of a province that was already the most beautiful of any Elder Scrolls game.

The latest build of Skyblivion features new armors, weapons and shields, NPC’s that have been manually created, new textures created by Anvil Citizen for the Imperial City and some clutter, flora has been replaced with custom models by 3AMt and the first in-game creature courtesy of Aerisarn.

Do note that this build is not available to the public (and TESRenewal does not plan releasing any beta build of its total conversion mod as of yet).

Skyblivion is a project by TESRenewal that aims to bring Oblivion into Skyrim making use of the new technologies that we have access to to improve and enhance the game. The mod includes the main story-line and all the quests that we know and love from Oblivion.


Skyblivion - Return To Cyrodiil Teaser Trailer