Red 5’s Open-World Free-To-Play MMO Shooter, Firefall, Gets Two New Trailers

Red 5 Studios has released two new trailers for its upcoming open-world F2P MMO shooter, Firefall. The first trailer focuses on the game’s storyline while the second one focuses on its PVP. In addition, the development team has released additional information about the game’s PVP mode.

As the press release reads, Firefall’s Open World Player vs. Player combat takes place in its own zone, separate from the rest of the broken, battered future earth. This zone is known as Broken Peninsula, a resource-rich area that has been relatively untouched by the Melding, making it a very valuable territory for any organization to control. As a result, Earth’s numerous corporations vie for control of the area’s rich resource veins, each sponsoring their own ARES teams to tap into those veins and transport the spoils back to safety in New Eden. Players will join one of these teams to battle for control of territory and resources throughout Broken Peninsula.

Players who join an instance of Broken Peninsula are automatically be placed on one of a number of teams which each represent one of the game’s major corporations. The size and number of teams will depend on the amount of players present in the remnant, but each team will have up to 20 players, and there will be between three and 10 teams in an area at any given time.

Broken Peninsula contains six large outposts and nine watchtowers, each of which has its own SIN network and each of which can be captured by any of the participating teams. Once players have control, they gain access to a number of benefits including deployable turrets, repair kits and a variety of weaponized vehicles.

Although capturing outposts is a key part of a successful strategy, the primary goal in Firefall’s Open-world PvP is for players to gather as many resources as you can. However, resource collection in Broken Peninsula works somewhat differently. Gathered resources are not automatically credited to players. Instead, these resources are stored inside the base. What this means is if players have gathered a large amount of resources inside a base, but then another team comes and takes over the base before a successful transfer of resources takes place, the other team will get all of those resources.

When playing in Broken Peninsula, competing players are not your only opposition. By far the biggest non-player threats are the Chosen. The Chosen know of the value of the area, and they know that the Accord cannot afford the resources to properly secure it. As such, they will do anything in their power to prevent humans from transporting resources back to New Eden. This means that squads of Chosen will drop in and attack bases or thumpers in the area. On occasion, players may even run into Chosen Incursions or Death Squads.

Firefall’s open world PvP is primarily intended to be end-game content, and the NPCs and mobs are balanced to be max-level. Players of lower levels are certainly more than welcome to participate, and those of a high enough skill level will likely be able to make an impact, but they will definitely have to tread lightly.

Firefall will release on July 25th.


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