Persona 5, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & Virtua Fighter 5 are almost playable on RPCS3

Great news for all PS3 fans (blasphemyyyyyyyy, how can a PC gaming site talk about PS3 fans, how, HOW, HOOOOOOWWWWW) as RPCS3 is making a lot of progress. Since the launch of a Patreon campaign, its author has been working hard on it and it appears that its latest version can run a couple of games.

As we can see below, Persona 5, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD and Virtua Fighter 5 appear to be almost playable on this latest version of RPCS3.

Naturally, emulation is far from perfect and there are still some performance issues. Still, these three games can actually be played right now (provided your PC is powerful enough to run them).


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RPCS3 - Persona 5 Ingame with PPU Interpreter and OpenGL on i7-5930K