Nioh: Complete Edition gets an official PC trailer

KOEI Tecmo and Team Ninja have released an official trailer for the PC version of Nioh: Complete Edition. Nioh takes place in Japan and players assume the role of a traveller. The traveller must fight his way through the vicious warriors and supernatural Yokai that infest the land in order to find that which he seeks.

The Complete Edition of Nioh contains the full game, as well as the three expansions with additional story chapters: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed’s End.

Nioh: Complete Edition will offer two graphical presets, Action and Movie. Action Mode will offer a stable 60fps experience, while Movie will offer a 4K experience. Do note that these presets are not locked or forced in any way. This basically means that PC gamers will also be able to individually adjust the settings.

Nioh: Complete Edition releases on November 7th.


Nioh Steam Trailer