Nintendo Switch Ryujinx Emulator can now run Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokemon Sword & Astral Chain

John GodGames Emus has shared some new videos, showing the Nintendo Switch emulator, Ryujinx, running a couple of games. Thus, you can find watch below Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokemon Sword, Astral Chain and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate running on the PC via this emulator.

Now as you will see, Yoshi’s Crafted World has major graphical glitches and the performance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is awful. Still, it’s pretty incredible witnessing these two games going in-game via the Nintendo Switch emulator.

On the other hand, Pokemon Sword appears to be in a more playable state. While there are a few graphical glitches, the game appears to be running smoothly. However, we don’t know whether the game is fully playable yet, from start to finish.

Lastly, Astral Chain appears to be running pretty well. Still, there are some annoying stutters (that will be hopefully fixed in a future version). Again, the fact that this Nintendo Switch emulator can run triple-A games is a big deal.

In case you’re wondering, John GodGames Emus used a custom version of Ryujinx that was based on its latest version. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and download the latest and most stable version of Ryujinx from here.

Have fun!

Pokémon Sword - NSW Ingame / Gameplay (Ryujinx custom build)

Astral Chain - NSW Ingame / Gameplay (Ryujinx custom build) Part 1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ingame (Ryujinx custom build)

Yoshi's Crafted World - NSW Ingame / Gameplay (Ryujinx custom build)