Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu can now run Luigi’s Mansion 3 with 120fps on PC

YouTube’s ‘reznoire’ has shared a new video, showcasing Luigi’s Mansion 3 running with 120fps on the latest Early Access version of the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu.

By default, Nintendo Switch runs Luigi’s Mansion 3 with 30fps. However, PC modders have figured out ways to increase the framerate to 60fps and 120fps.

From the looks of it, Luigi’s Mansion 3 appears to be working incredibly well at 120fps. Reznoire used an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 in order to capture this footage, and was locked at 120fps at all times.

You can download the latest public version of Yuzu from here. In theory, this latest version should have no problem running the game at high framerates. Moreover, you’ll need to download and apply its 120fps Mod, otherwise, the game will run at 30fps.

Have fun!

yuzu Early Access 3592 2xIR | Luigi's Mansion 3 (120fps Mod) Gameplay