PREY feature

New trailers for PREY, Quake Champions, Micro Machines World Series & Dawn of War 3

Bethesda, Codemasters and SEGA have released some new trailer for PREY and Quake Champions, Micro Machines World Series and Dawn of War 3, respectively. So instead of posting one at a time, we decided to share them all in one big story.

PREY’s trailer focuses on Talos I. Talos I described as the shining testament to mankind’s unbridled ambitions that is more than the setting for Prey. This station is also full of secrets to discover and hidden layers to uncover. But, most of all, Talos I poses a unique threat to the player all by itself.

Prey - A Guided Tour of Talos I

Quake Champions trailer introduces a new champion, Galena. Galena is a healer and a warrior, skilled in both giving and taking life. Galena can throw down her Unholy Totem – active ability – to heal both yourself and your allies, or cause devastating damage to your foes. Morevoer, Galena’s passive ability, Channeling, allows her to eliminate 5% of her active ability cooldown timer every time she picks up a health bubble.

Quake Champions – Galena Champion Trailer

The first trailer for Micro Machines World Series showcases its brand new game mode, Battle Mode. The Battle Modes in Micro Machines World Series pit up to 12 players into the same arena for frantic and frenetic competitive multiplayer gaming. These new Battle Modes include CAPTURE THE FLAG and TERRITORY, as well as the brutal 6v6 TEAM DEATHMATCH.

Micro Machines World Series | Battle Mode Mayhem Trailer

Last but not least, the latest trailer for Dawn of War 3 reveals that the open beta phase for the game will begin on April 21st and will last until April 24th. This trailer features Game Director Philippe Boulle and Game Designer Carolina Mastretta, highlighting the hits and misses of Dawn of War 3’s 3 vs 3 multiplayer match.

Dawn of War III - Multiplayer Analysis: 3v3