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New The Sinking City trailer shows off storytelling art visuals

Frogwares has released a new trailer for The Sinking City, showing off some of the tricks it uses to bring the visual side of the game to life. According to the press release, the use of colours to indicate slipping sanity, specific lighting to trick minds, and the ways a compromise can turn into a much more haunting execution, and all these are explained with the use of gameplay to show the results.

In The Sinking City, the developers are using cut-scenes with different camera angles and different colour schemes to set the mood of their cut-scenes. The developers are also using the lighting system to tell a story in a symbolic way, as well as to build tension and surprise the players.

What’s also interesting here is that the developers have acknowledged that real-time cut-scenes have technological limitations and as such they have to be inventive in order to sacrifice technical aspects without sacrificing artistic value. One such trick that Frogwares will implement is the first-person perspective so that it will not have to worry about any lacklustre animations.

The Sinking City is currently scheduled for a March 21st, 2019, release on the PC.


The Sinking City Update #6 - The Art Of Visual Storytelling