System Shock Remake in-game screenshot

New System Shock Remake gameplay video shows off Cyberspace

Nightdive Studios has released a new gameplay video for System Shock Remake that shows off Cyberspace. Cyberspace is a surreal, 3-D world, featuring nodes and rivers of data that drag you along in digital currents.

When players punch into cyberspace, SHODAN senses their presence and begins tracing their location. Players have only a few minutes before the face of SHODAN materialises through a data link and sends a tail after them.

If players survive the high-speed drift and skid races of cyberspace, they can score info and software and flip controls that affect the real world.

Moving through Cyberspace is like floating in an alien realm. Basically, think of this “mode” as Descent or Forsaken.


System Shock CYBERSPACE Preview - Nightdive Studios

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