New Overgrowth Video Details Alpha 203 Changes

Overgrowth v2

Wolfire Games has released a new video for its rabbit bunny action brawler, Overgrowth, in which the company’s programmer, David Rosen, demonstrates some of the new features he added to it. Rosen added some tail physics to the game, as well as muscle/fat/ear-size parameters and the ability to change characters scale. In addition, Rosen has improved the wolf animations. You can find some release notes for this latest alpha version of Overgrowth below – alpha version is available to those who pre-order the game. Enjoy!

Overgrowth Alpha 203 Key Features:

– Press ‘8’ for random dog and color palette
– Tail physics
– Morphs affect fur planes
– Can change character scale
– Fixed weapon retargeting with large characters (like wolves)
– Improved wolf animation
– Added bone inflation effect
– Added muscle/fat/ear-size parameters using bone inflation
– Arena fighters have varied size and shape based on difficulty
– Fixed problem with checkbox parameters
– Added screen_width and screen_height int uniforms for post processing

Overgrowth Alpha 203 changes - Wolfire Games