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id Software developers react to DOOM Eternal speedrun

It’s been almost a month since the official release of DOOM Eternal, and speedrunners have already finished the game in under a half hour. Which is insane, especially when you see exactly how they do it. I mean seriously, these guys probably spent hundreds of hours playing the game and exploring every-freaking-thing.

Of course in order to finish the game this fast, speedrunners use legitimate glitches and other gameplay ‘shotcuts’. Some of these are simply mind-boggling, and makes you wonder how on earth did they think of all these.

Four developers from id Software sat down and watched a twenty-seven minute speedrun of their game. Executive producer Marty Stratton, game director Hugo Martin, level design director Jerry Keehan, and lead game programmer Evan Eubanks reacted to the latest speedrun from player Xamide, who currently holds the world record.

You can watch the react video below. Enjoy!

Doom Eternal Developers React to 27 Minute Speedrun

Thanks IGN.

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