Humans Must Answer – SHMUP from ex-STALKER developers – gets a launch trailer

Humans Must Answer
SumomGames has released the launch trailer for its upcoming SHMUP, Humans Must Answer. Humans Must Answer is a top-down side-scrolling shooter in which players can dodge, shoot and explode across the Solar System as a crew of intelligent and dangerous chickens determined to reach the Sun and take out every remnant of humanity that should get in their way. As the pilot of The Golden Eagle, it’s your duty to keep Colonel Ram and Professor Bez out of harm’s way as they squabble about ethics and who last used the bathroom.
Humans Must Answer features:
-Eye popping explosions and a spectacular destruction system
-Combine weapons to devastating effect and deploy drone turrets
-Subtle and surprising narrative that is integrated into the gameplay
-Shop with a large number of upgrades for the ship and weapons
-Tough boss battles that require thought as well as quick reactions
-Secrets to discover and hidden eggs to collect but often at a risk
The game will be launched today on GOG and the Humble Store.
Humans Must Answer - Launch Trailer