Horizon Forbidden West feature

Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Alpha gameplay leaked online

It appears that some alpha gameplay footage for the Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer game has leaked online. According to reports, this gameplay footage is from a 2020 alpha build.

Since this is alpha gameplay footage, it obviously does not represent the quality of the final product. Nevertheless, it can give you an idea of its art and visual style.

From what we can see, this multiplayer game will have an art style similar to Fortnite. In other words, and contrary to the single-player Horizon games, it will have cartoon-ish graphics.

Guerilla Games plans to release Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer on both PS5 and PC. We can also assume that we’re looking at a simultaneous release. Or at least that’s what Sony has implied in the past for specific/MP games.

Stay tuned for more!