Everspace 2 screenshots 1

Here are two hours of gameplay footage from the pre-alpha demo of EVERSPACE 2

Rockfish has launched the Kickstarter campaign for EVERSPACE 2 and it appears that some streamers are already playing its pre-alpha demo. As such, CohhCarnage was able to record and share a video, showing two hours of gameplay footage from it.

This video will give you an idea of how the game looks and plays in its pre-alpha stage. This demo will also become available to all Kickstarter backers once the campaign ends.

EVERSPACE 2 promises to completely surpass its predecessor in both quality and scope. Instead of the previous roguelike game mechanics, the focus in EVERSPACE 2 will be on open-world gameplay. Furthermore, the game will have classic RPG elements and extended storytelling.

The game will also feature expanded perks and a brand new class-based player ship system with dozens of models. Not only that, but players can also fully customize their spaceship to their individual playing style with weapons, plating, and equipment, similar to classic RPG character development. Despite all the innovations, though, EVERSPACE 2 promises to remain true to its space shooter core. As such, it will present fast-paced space combat in the well-known EVERSPACE style.

The story of EVERSPACE 2 continues from its successful predecessor.

“As one of the surviving clone pilots, the player will have to face the remnants of his past; the cloning program has been canceled, the colonial authorities have placed a bounty on him. Fate, however, has big plans. Soon the player discovers what it means to evolve from a former military clone to a truly real person. EVERSPACE 2 not only creates a powerful gaming experience, but also one that is visually impressive in the beautiful infinity of space where breathtaking cinematic scenery invites – encourages – exploration.”