Godfall PC gameplay header

Here are 9 minutes of gameplay footage from Godfall, focusing on the game’s combat

Gearbox has released a new extended gameplay trailer for its new looter-slasher fantasy game, Godfall. This trailer packs nine minutes of gameplay footage,diving deep into the world of Aperion, the five weapon classes, complete movesets for Longswords and Dual Blades, and more.

Godfall is a third-person fantasy action RPG that focuses on melee combat. The game targets a Holiday 2020 release, and will be timed-exclusive on Epic Games Store. According to Gearbox, the game will come out on other stores twelve months after its EGS release.

Godfall is set in a brand new high fantasy universe, filled with heroic knights, arcane magic and forbidden realms. The game attempts to combine action RPG elements/looting with melee combat. Naturally, players will be also able to customize their characters.

As said, this trailer packs a lot of gameplay footage, so make sure to watch it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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