Here are 13 minutes of gameplay footage from SPIDERS’ upcoming action RPG, Greedfall

IGN has shared a video, showing 13 minutes of gameplay footage from SPIDERS’ upcoming action RPG, Greedfall. This video showcases some of the game’s environments, as well as its combat and RPG mechanics.

In Greedfall, players will join their cousin, governor Constantin D’Orsay, along with various factions with their own directives and hidden agendas, journey into a new world seeping with magic. Players will be able to align themselves with one of the new colonies or join the natives.

Greedfall promises to focus on player freedom and choice. Your decisions will build friendships, break alliances, diffuse conflicts and shape the future of the island.

Creating your character and picking your starting skills, attributes, and talents is just the beginning when it comes to carving your own path on Teer Fradee. Players will be able to specialize or be a jack-of-all-trades. In addition, the deep crafting system allows you to customize equipment, tailoring their look and stats to suit your playstyle.

When resorting to combat, you can approach it in your own way. You can subdue foes with heavy weapons, use your rapier to parry and riposte with flair, or control the battlefield using traps and magic. The optional tactical pause menu allows you to choose your next moves strategically. Your party members will follow you into battle, but keep in mind that they are people with their own hopes, goals and motives. Say or do the wrong thing and their loyalty to you could waver, or even turn entirely.

Greedfall releases on September 10th.


GreedFall: 13 Minutes of Gameplay