Hearts of Iron IV – New developer diary shows “Naval, Land and Air Power”

Paradox Interactive today released a new developer diary video for Hearts of Iron IV, the upcoming World War II strategy game for PC, Mac, and Linux. In this diary video, Johan Andersson, Dan Lind, Mats Virtanen, and Jakob Munthe discuss the different types of warfare and how they’re used in Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV will be the newest version of one of Paradox’s best selling series.

In Hearts of Iron IV, players can guide any nation in the world through the trials and terrors of war.

Players can draft elaborate battle plans as they hop across the Pacific or push deep into the Eurasian steppes.

Players will also be able to build diplomatic coalitions that will turn into an iron wall of tanks and aircraft, as well as research cutting edge weaponry and industrial technology in order to give their army an edge in the destructive conflict to come.

We’ve also included the first developer diary video that was released a month ago.


Hearts of Iron IV - "Naval, Land and Air Power" - Developer Diary 2

Hearts of Iron IV - "Grand Ambitions" - Developer Diary 1 .