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First in-engine footage for fan-made Half Life 3 project, Project Borealis

The team behind Project Borealis, a game based on the released Marc Laidlaw’s Epistle 3 script, has released its 3rd video update. The update includes the first in-engine footage, an announcement that the first story draft has been finished, new concept art and a new music compilation.

Project Borealis Project Manager Michael Dunaway said:

“Update 3 represents a sizable step forward in our team’s ongoing efforts to bring Marc Laidlaw’s story to life. We are proud of our team’s steady progress and can’t wait to see the community’s reactions to our efforts showcased in this update”

In case you weren’t aware of, Project Borealis is a fan-made Half Life 3 (or Half Life 2: Episode Three if you prefer) that is based on the script that Marc Laidlaw released a while back. This is a really impressive project so it will be interesting to see whether the team will be able to release a polished product.


Project Borealis - Update 3: Weapons, Movement, and Flashlight Showcase