Final Fantasy XV – PS4 Pro versus PC Graphics Comparison Video

YouTube’s ‘Cycu1’ has shared a video in which he compares the PS4Pro and the PC versions of Final Fantasy XV. This comparison video showcases the graphical differences that are coming to the PC version. For example, you will immediately notice the sharper visuals (thanks to the higher resolution), better textures and ambient occlusion effects.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV will come with 4K high-resolution textures, support for Dolby Atmos, and will feature some NVIDIA GameWorks effects (such as NVIDIA TurfEffects for realistic grass simulation, NVIDIA Hairworks, NVIDIA Flow, NVIDIA HFTS shadows and NVIDIA VXAO).

Final Fantasy XV is coming to our platform in early 2018, and Square Enix is looking into officially supporting mods.

Enjoy the video!

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs PC 4K Graphics Comparison