Evolution 2013 – Top 5 Hype Moments

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Evolution 2013 was an amazing fighting event that made us scream like little kids. And to be honest, there were so many impressive moments that we just can’t count them all. I mean seriously, who would expect or even predict that Daigo and Infiltration would fall into losers’ brackets? Or that Filipino Champ and Chris G would be eliminated? Or Justin Wong’s truly spectacular comebacks? Or Infiltration’s skills when he fought EG PR Balrog with Hakan? Or Reynald’s comeback? Thankfully, YouTube’s ‘Miles923’ has posted a video with the top 5 best moments from this year’s EVO. Truth be told, some of the aforementioned moments are missing from this video. Still, this is something you should definitely check out, so go ahead and watch the video. Oh, and make sure not to miss next year’s EVO!
EVOLUTION 2013 - TOP 5 HYPE MOMENTS (Fighting Game World Championship)