EverQuest Next Landmark Detailed Via A New Trailer

EverQuest Next

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new trailer, detailing what exactly is EverQuest Next Landmark. EverQuest Next Landmark is a Free to Play, next-generation online sandbox game that is powered by the ForgeLight Engine. Although players can sign up for its alpha phase, EverQuest Next Landmark’s alpha test is scheduled to begin on or before February 28th and its Closed Beta is scheduled to begin on or before March 31st.

Here are the key features of EverQuest Next Landmark:

-Build Anything — Create and build anything you can imagine. With Landmark’s state of the art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations. A range of materials with realistic physics means how you build makes a difference.
-Explore — Explore massive Landmark worlds and claim territory, building materials and much more. Delve deep into the earth and discover procedurally—generated adventures that will never be the same twice!
-Make Your Mark — The best buildings players create will become part of Norrath — the EverQuest Next world — FOREVER! We’ll run exclusive contests to design parts of the world AND our designers will keep an eye out for the coolest fortresses, castles, caves, treehouses, fireplaces – anything awesome that fits within the world of Norrath.
-Collect — The rarest resources, objects, gear, character customizations and secrets are scattered across the worlds of Landmark! Can you find everything?
-Earn Money — Buy and sell items in Player Studio, SOE’s marketplace for player-created goods. Design, create and sell items and earn real world cash on every purchase! Click here for more details on Player Studio.