Deus Ex: Human Revolution In Unreal Engine 4: Map Available For Download, New Footage Emerges [UPDATE]

Modder’s ‘Disting’ recreation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in Unreal Engine 4 is one of the best recreations we’ve seen these past months. Surely Bioshock and Zelda look great in Unreal Engine 4, but this Deus Ex: Human Revolution map sports some of the best visuals we’ve seen to date. Thankfully, there is a way to download this map yourselves, although there is a slight catch to it.

YouTube’s member ‘club4ghz’ has posted a new video, showing off this map in real-time. Disting’s map is currently available for download via UDK’s Marketplace. Hopefully there will be an alternative download link soon enough but until then, those with access to it can go ahead and download it.


Unreal Engine 4.1 - Sci-Fi Hallway Tech Demo - GTX 780 Ti


Dirty Dan has shared with us a download link for this UE4 demo. Those interested can download it from here.

Here are also Dirty Dan’s personal config tweaks to get decent performance out of it:

r.motionblurquality 0
r.shadowquality 2
r.PostProcessAAQuality 0
r.temporalaasamples 0
r.mipmaplodbias -1